One of the most valued recording studios in Italy just 25 minutes from Rome…

The Sabina region is one of the most’ beautiful natural sites in Italy. With its green hills and its territory abounding with water, Sabina presents a landscape scattered with olive trees, majestic oaks and vineyards. A location which has remained unchanged over time, which preserves in its medieval villages, its Holy Valley, and in its Roman villas, tangible traces of  a magnificent past. Just 25 minutes from Rome, Tube Recording Studio, surrounded by olive trees and a triumphant mesh of different colors which are cover the fields, is located in a sumptuous valley that is just a short walk from the train station of Fara in Sabina/Montelibretti. Those of you who will choose to join us for the first time will be blown away by the beauty of our location, so far out from the city’s chaos and fully immersed in the peace given by our Sabine hills, but also so conveniently close to the capital. Whether you are arriving by car, train or plane it will be really easy to reach us.