What an amazing place and perfect environment for recording…

An interview with Mark Ginsburg for Jazz Australia.

Convergence is a new collection of work from Italian pianist Vittorio Mezza and Australian-based South African saxophonist Mark Ginsburg. Recorded at Tube Recording Studio and released in September this year on German label Ozella Music, the album has received strong reviews from critics and audiences alike.

Amy Curl for Jazz Australia chatted to Mark Ginsburg about his latest project. The Whole and the Sum of its Parts

Tell us a little about the actual recording and the other musicians involved.

We recorded Convergence at Tube Studio about an hour north-east of Rome.  The studio incorporates a live-in apartment and is nestled in an olive grove.  What an amazing place and perfect environment for recording. We spent the first afternoon setting up and then recorded 12 tracks over the next two days.  Most were first or second takes which was refreshing. Somehow everything just worked really well.