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New Rooms in da House…

We record you, we mix it for you,  we feed you and tuck you in… Very few recording studios provide accommodation for the musicians during the production phase. Very often, despite the extremely convenient fees offered by some studios, the cost of food, housing and transportation are not considered. These expenses are quite high, and if we take into account

Quantum Trio, from Krakow to Rome…

Quantum Trio is the winner of the Hitch On Jazz Juniors International Exchange, 3 to 6 December 2017. The new has just been announced at a gala concert at Radio Kraków. The Band will record at Tube Recording Studio in the next months, and the album will be released with the Emme Record Label.   Quantum Trio is an unconventional jazz trio established in Rotterdam


“I just spent a fantastic 3 days at Tube Recording Studio working on Gianni Di Crescenzo’s new project. From the rooms and the equipment to the care and accuracy of documenting the performances… Enrico, Francesco, and top notch crew provided such a comfortable and inspired atmosphere, that I hope it’s not too long before I get to record there again!”

Odradek Records & Tube Recording Studio at Womex 16

Four years ago Odradek Records embarked on a new way of doing classical: put the artists in charge – a democratic, artist-controlled, non-profit cooperative, promoting new artists and fresh repertoire. Artists are selected through our democratic, blind judging platform,, which means that the Odradek catalogue is based purely on outstanding musicality rather than image, publicity or background. Odradek Records selects its

The new Album of Kadri Voorand in Europe Jazz Media Chart.

“Armupurjus” (“Drunk in Love”), the third author’s album of Kadri Voorand, one of the most special jazz talents of Estonia, added in Europe Jazz Media Chart, a non-sales-related chart that reveals some of the hot new music surfacing across the globe right now. Kadri Voorand was one of the first to receive the Young Jazz Talent Award, and in 2015 she

One player 4 guitars…

One song, 4 guitars, many styles – this is one man’s experiment to mix Classical, Gipsy, Pop, Rock, and Jazz into a total fusion.             Salvatore Russo Plays: 1) Classic Guitar Alhambra, mics Ribera R12, Neumann U87 2) Gipsy Guitar Stefan Hahl, mics Neumann U89, SE RNR1 3) Guitar ES 335 Reissue, mics Shure SM57,

From London to New York going through Tube Recording Studio!

New single “LOSE CONTROL” recorded, mixed and mastered at Tube Recording Studio is out now!     “It’s as if The Killers’ synth player has been thrust on stage surrounded by the sound of an early ’90s Nirvana gig, and surprisingly it works!” (      Nishe are an Alternative/Indie-rock project from London (UK) consisting of Giovanni Zappa (lead vocals,

At Tube Studio even this is what you get…

After 9 days spent recording a new project, sharing music, ideas, feelings, sampling great food, breathing the air of the Sabine hills, visiting Rome for the first time, playing for the closing show at a beautiful Jazz venue such as the 28Divino, it is more than normal to part with teary eyes. This is exactly what happened to the Northern-European

The “New” solution for musicians and singers…

“ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS PLAY”. THE NEW SOLUTION FOR MUSICIANS AND SINGERS.    What Tube Recording Studio is offering in these months is a solution which combines the maximum quality of an absolute Top Class Studio with a boarding opportunity in a facility of over 100 square meters located on top of the recording hall, where it is

Recording, listening, laughing … We are doing what we like best!

Filippo Cosentino feat. Jesper Bodilsen, Andrea Marcelli, Antonio Zambrini.    We just completed the recording and the mixing of the new album by the Piemonte guitarist Filippo Cosentino. After the excellent results achieved by the previous album “Human Being”, two years later, always with the Emme Record Label, the new project by Cosentino traces a line of continuity with the