The new Album of Kadri Voorand in Europe Jazz Media Chart.

“Armupurjus” (“Drunk in Love”), the third author’s album of Kadri Voorand, one of the most special jazz talents of Estonia, added in Europe Jazz Media Chart, a non-sales-related chart that reveals some of the hot new music surfacing across the globe right now.

Kadri Voorand was one of the first to receive the Young Jazz Talent Award, and in 2015 she won the title of Best Jazz Artist at the prestigious Danske Jazz Awards. The last year of creation has been immensely exciting for the singer, offering lots of creative challenges. Looking for the new and participating in the projects of other musicians both home and abroad have made her one of the best-loved musicians in Estonia.

The singer is characterised by a passionate performance style, fantasy-rich improvisations and original creation, which fascinate both home audience as well as jazz lovers in different parts of the world.

Kadri Voorand introduces her new album with guitarist Virgo Sillamaa, bassist Taavo Remmel and drummer Ahto Abner.

The singer has formerly given out two author’s albums: “Tunde kaja” (“Echo of the Feeling”, 2009) with Kadri Voorand Quintet and “Kosmogooniline etüüd” (“Cosmogonic Etude”, 2012), inspired by Estonian poetry and recorded with a trio. The latter made it to the top 10 chart of European jazz critics.

Europe Jazz Media Chart – May 2016

Recorded from Francesco Lupi (engineer) 23.02.2015 – 1.03.2015, at Tube Recording Studio, Fara in Sabina, Italy